Some of my favorite projects I've worked on 🛠️

Nimbus - Rainy Pomodoro Timer

Rain storm to help you brainstorm. Classic Pomodoro timer made with a rainy day aesthetic.

ReactViteFramer MotionTailwindCSS

Emergency Services Analytics

Collaboration with Levrum Data Technologies to design a web application enabling fire departments to visualize coverage on a map and identify service gaps.



This website! Adopted the server-side rendering capabilities of NextJS. Inter font from Google Fonts. Icons from React Icon Library.


Web application that allows users to input a YouTube URL, generate a waveform representation of the audio, cut a segment of the audio, and then download that segment in either MP3 or WAV format.



Full stack application created for a high school competitive spelling team. Allow users to create personalized tests, receive accurate pronunciations/definitions through integration with Merriam-Webster's API, and utilize a secure login system to review their missed words.



Google Chrome extension to allow real time collaboration on LeetCode by synchronizing code editors.